In the present times, bicycle commuting has become immensely popular among urban dwellers. While biking at a lower speed on an empty street or a lesser busy road is the safest option to avoid accidents, it can get rather challenging and dangerous to bike during heavy traffic hours.

In an attempt to address this issue, French designer Phillipe Starck in collaboration with Peugeot have created a retro-style city bike that can also function as a kick scooter or a push scooter for fast uninterrupted commute during heavy traffic hours. The Pibal Bicycle has been designed as part of a bike sharing program in the city of Bordeaux which will allow local commuters to an easy bike access and also enable tourists to explore the city at a more relaxed pace.


In order to encourage the residents of Bordeaux to utilize this new public transport system, they were invited to submit design ideas for a perfect city bike. Philippe Starck and Peugeot developed these valuable suggestions into a bike concept in 2012, which was further fine tuned to create the Pibal Bicycle. The bike is a light-weight aluminium framed bike featuring rim guards, along with yellow tires, an automatic two-speed hub, comfortable seating and handles and a foot rest.


“This idea for a new means of locomotion sprang from the analysis of much feedback from the citizens of Bordeaux,  diverse opinions, constructive and intelligent ideas and the specificities of Bordeaux. This revolutionary solution seems to be the inventive and appropriate response to questions being asked regarding pedestrian areas.” explains Designer Philippe Starck. He adds, “Just like the pibale, undulating and playing with the flow, Pibal is an answer to new urban ergonomics. Thanks to a lateral translation which allows oneself to pedal long distances, to scoot in pedestrian areas and to walk next to it, carrying a child or any load on its platform. It only has the beauty of its intelligence, of its honesty, of its durability. Rustic and reliable, it’s a new friend dedicated to the future Bordeaux expectations.”


Above Image: Alain Juppé, mayor of Bordeaux & Designer Philippe Starck

“We need to be thinking of the bicycle’s future. Climate challenges and other ecological concerns drive us to prepare for this–for cycling to become a bigger part of our daily lives,” Mr. Juppé said. “The Pibal is a symbol of this future.”

By the end of the year, 4000 Pibal bikes will be manufactured and made available to the Bordeaux residents from the city, promoting a greener way to commute.

+ Philippe Starck

+ Peugeot


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