Short-listed as one of the finalists for the 2013 Spark Awards, Rainy Pot by designer Seungbin Jeong is a wall mounted flowerpot with a cloud-shaped water tank above.  The cloud form consists of an opening at the top through which water can be poured. This water is received by the plant in the form of ‘raindrops’ through small holes in the base.


The plants in natural environment grow healthily by fresh raindrops showered down from clouds. But the plants that are removed from natural environment to indoors are watered by people instead of natural raindrops. The Rainy Pot serves to create a similar environment as in nature that fosters childlike emotions to adults and playfully educates children about the ecological movement of nature.


The pot is designed to enrich the growth of the plants and also eliminate the hassle of moving them while watering to avoid the mess from spilling and leaking. Plants that are grown indoors have weak and shallow roots. When too much water is poured, the roots of the plant decompose leading to the plant’s death. However, the tiny holes at the bottom of the tank allow them to be watered at a more reasonable and gentle rate, maintaining the beauty and health of the plants.




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