At this year’s Stockholm Furniture Fair, a team of 18 Russian individual designers and collectives presented 20 new products reconnecting city dwellers with nature. These items were designed for the project Naturalist, which set a task to focus on functional objects that would allow feeling connected to nature in a standard city apartment, without major changes in both interior planning and city lifestyle.

Daily communication with nature and feeling connected to the natural rhythms are important components of both physical and emotional health and well-being. Participants of the Naturalist project were exploring the potential of natural materials, studying the urban life of plants and birds, reflecting on the natural aesthetics and our perception of nature.

As a result of this research they created a number of functional objects that rethink growing plants at home, allowing us to present and structure natural treasures collections and feel connected to the cycles of nature. The range of products includes small furniture items, lights and accessories in such natural materials as birch bark, wicker, ceramics, porcelain, sandstone and marble, as well as textiles capturing the nature in hyper-realist prints with 3D effect, photo-chromic screens and a bird feeder with an integrated speaker enhancing the sound of birds’ songs.

KUIPER_BELT_Katerina_Kopytina_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_PreviewKuiper Belt. Hanging planters. Design: Katerina Kopytina. Photo: Crispy Point

VASE+TRAY_Anya_Druzhinina_(Fedor_Toy)_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_Preview (1)Vase + Tray. Vases with removable trays. Design: Ania Druzhinina (Fёdor Toy). Photo: Crispy Point

TEPLITSA_Luch_Design_4NATURALIST_Photo_Luch_Design_PreviewTeplitsa. Wall organizer. Design: Luch Design. Photo: Luch Design

SPUTNIK-5_Maxim_Scherbakov_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_Preview (1)Sputnik-5. Coffee table with an integrated planter. Design: Maxim Scherbakov. Photo: Crispy Point

RUSTICA_SUBTILIS_Anastasiya_Koshcheeva+Olesya_Ananyeva_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_Preview (7)Rustica Subtilis. Modular vase. Design: Olesya Ananyeva & Anastasiya Koshcheeva. Photo: Crispy Point

RAY_Lera Moiseeva_4NATURALIST_preview

Ray. Chair. Design: Lera Moiseeva

PLAYGROUND_Luch_Design_4NATURALIST_Photo_Luch_DesignPlayground. Desktop organizer. Design: Luch Design. Photo:  Luch Design

ORATOR_Katya_Tolstykh_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_Preview Orator. Bird feeder. Design: Katia Tolstykh. Photo: Crispy Point

METRICA_Tanya_Klimenko_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_Preview Metrica. Set for herbs. Design: Tania Klimenko

K-1_Maxim_Scherbakov_4NATURALIST_PreviewK-1 by Maxim Scherbakov

FROM_SIBERIA_TUESA_Anastasiya_Koshcheeva_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_Preview From Siberia: Tuesa. Birchbark containers. Design: Anastasiya Koshcheeva. Photo: Crispy Point

FROM_SIBERIA_TABURET_Anastasiya_Koshcheeva_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_Preview (1)Taburet stool by designer Anastasiya Koshcheeva

FROM_SIBERIA_SVETOCH_Anastasiya_Koshcheeva_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_PreviewFrom Siberia: Svetoch. Birchbark lamps. Design: Anastasiya Koshcheeva. Photo: Crispy Point

fitoFitoDrom. Modular wall planter. Design: Ekaterina Vagurina  

GILEYA_Sveta_Gerassimova_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_Preview (1)Decorative textiles with 3D effect. Design: Sveta Gerassimova. Photo: Crispy Point

FERMA_Alexander_Kanygin_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_Preview Ferma. Modular cacti farm. Design: Alexander Kanygin. Photo: Crispy Point

CHROMICA_Ekaterina_Semenova_4NATURALIST_Photo_Crispy_Point_PreviewChromica. Photochromic screens. Design: Ekaterina Semenova

Project Credit:

Participants: Ekaterina Vagurina, Lesha Galkin, Sveta Gerassimova, Ania Druzhinina (Fёdor Toy), Alexander Kanygin, Tania Klimenko, Katerina Kopytina, Anastasiya Koshcheeva, Maxim Maximov, Yaroslav Misonzhnikov,Lera Moiseeva, Olesya Ananyeva, Ekaterina Semenova, Katia Tolstykh, Maxim ScherbakovLuch Design, Plan-S23 and Verstak.

Project identity and exhibition design: Facultative Works.

Photos: Crispy Point (Anna Prilutskaya and Ksenia Dubyago)

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