Designed by Slovenian architect Tina Rugelj in collaboration with fibre-cement roof & façade manufacturer ESAL, the collection My Concrete Garden satisfies the wish to design filigree furniture with the qualities of fibre-cement. It also serves to reveal another side of concrete aesthetics. It transforms a rough and cold material into elegant shapes, and thin objects into strong structures; and lends a poetic dimension to a traditionally crude material.

Fibre-cement is a healthy, safe and environmentally friendly material. It is used as a building material for façades and corrugated roofing sheets. Fibre cement is a highly mouldable material; however, once it hardens, it is highly stable and weather-resistant. These enviable characteristics are achieved in just three to four weeks after moulding.

The designer and architect Tina Rugelj debuted with her first products of My Concrete Garden at the Milan’s Furniture Fair 2012 in her solo exhibition at Salone Satellite. In 2013 she expanded the collection with few more products at the design week in Milan within the Ventura Lambrate 2013, Ventura Warehouse – a curated exhibition venue with an international mix of exciting upcoming talents. The project My Concrete Garden was also among selected works of the international Biennial of Design BIO23 in Ljubljana, and was awarded Best Furniture of the Year 2013 by the Design Society of Slovenia.



Dimension: 80 cm (W) x 70 cm (D) x 63 cm (H)

The unique form of the chair takes advantage of the unique qualities of fibre-cement: the thinness, the minimum roundness and the strength of the material. The chair is produced with left or right armrest. Both variants can be combined into a two-seater chair. Accessories such as serving tray and flower pot complete the collection. It is made out of 16 mm thin fibre-cement.


The Double Bench

Dimension: 122 cm (W) x 118 cm (D) x 73.5 cm (H)

Double Bench is a product of research on building construction materials applied in furniture design. The unique properties of fibre cement gave form to this moulded product. The bench exploits the possible thinness of the material, maximum measures of the produced panel before hardening and the minimal radius that allows curves. It is made out of 16 mm thin fibre cement.



Dog House

Dimension: 75.5 cm (W ) x 78 cm (D) x 77 cm (H)

The unique properties of fibre-cement gave form to this moulded product. It also exploits the maximum dimensions of the material as produced in panels. It offers shelter also to bigger dogs. It is made out of 10 mm thin fibre cement.



The Concrete Sink

Dimension: 40 cm (W) x 40 cm (D) x 70 cm (H)

The exceptional properties of fibre-cement gave form to this moulded product inspired by the romantic memory of an old garden sink. It is made out of 10 mm thin fibre cement.


Planter 4-in-1

Dimension: 50 cm (W) x 50 cm (D) x 45 cm (H)

Multi functionality proved to be the guiding force from the very inception of design of this planter. The container can be used as a pot for bigger plants with a cover for water retention. The container can also be used as a tea table in the house or in the garden, or as a handy storage container. It is also sturdy enough to be used as a chair. It is made out of 10 mm thin fibre-cement.

Rugelj’s collection has been described as “chic concrete”, “concrete with the soul of Mediterranean lightness”, “elegant and poetic fibre-cement collection”, “optimistic and fresh approach in design”, “a friendly concrete story”. What do you think about it?

+ Tina Rugelj



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