Although more and more cities are getting bike friendlier, the problem of bike theft remains at the forefront. Most of the thefts are often unreported or unresolved by the police due to lack of appropriate evidence. While the tech savvy bikers could use apps like BikeSpike, there’s nothing at all developed as an inclusive feature.
In an attempt to create a bike with an anti-theft feature, three Chilean engineering students and bike enthusiasts: Juan José Monsalve, Andrés Roi and Cristóbal Cabello came together to develop the Yerka Project, the world’s first unstealable bike. The project aims at at maintaining the design of a sleek urban bike yet incorporates a closing frame device to enhance security. 
The regular bike locks do the job too, but we all know how easily they can be broken leaving the bike intact. Hence, the trio decided to create a lock out of the bike frame itself. 
This means that the thief would have to break the bike to actually steal it. The bike gives you complete freedom from carrying an additional lock everywhere you pedal and the locking system can be secured  in less than 20 seconds. Yerka – Stress free biking, carefree parking!




+ Yerka Project

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