nCycle is a minimalist bike concept designed by Albanian designer Marin Myftiu and Bahrain based Skyrill. The nCycle has been designed using a radical & innovative approach to meet the ever changing requirements of humans with the advancements in technology. This futuristic bike is designed keeping the mass buyers in mind and hence making it economical was one of the biggest concerns for the designers. For this reason, the designed decided to avoid unnecessary functions like electronic gear controls. A pair of metallic sheets attached parallel to each other in several points attaches to all the main mechanics and also houses the vital electronic and electrical systems. These characteristics make the nCycle cheaper, sturdier, more flexible, easier to build and maintain.

The bike has some amazing features like the nlock, npocket, nfold, powerful & stylish headlights & speakers and an innovative electronic system. The nlock consists of a solid, handle bar-mounted locking system. The handle bar is loop shaped to fit the electrical poles in the city. A hardened steel tube is provided which can simply be pulled from one end and clicked into the other to safeguard your bike from theft.


 The biggest issue with most bikers is a storage system especially in the absence of a backpack or basket. The npocket is a super functional feature which allows the user to store objects like i Pads, smartphones, magazines that can not fit into your pocket. The pocket is fixed between two metal frames with two folding arms.  The pocket is always hidden unless filled with an object.


The coolest feature is the nfold which is a great solution for urban dwellers who always have space constraints to store their bikes. The ncycle is entirely foldable and can be split in half at the location between the seat and pocket. The folding process is carried out in three easy steps and does not take more than two minutes.



The bike has a pair of powerful headlights permanently attached the handle bar for added safety during night riding. The other side of the headlights are installed with built in speakers. You can connect your device to the speakers via Bluetooth and enjoy some music while biking. The speakers take the power from the bike’s lithium battery installed between the pocket and the handle bar, which means your device can be functional for extended hours. The lithium battery not only provides power to the speakers and headlights, but the user can also charge their phones by placing it on the dock above the battery.







+ Skyrill

+ Marin Myftiu

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