A key hurdle to widespread use of bicycles by urban commuters has been that a standard bicycle is not conducive to the formal attire required of a majority of urban professionals. Walkabike aims to change just that !

Designed by architect & biking enthusiast Jude Dsouza and his team at JDAP, Walkabike is a lightweight, foldable bike that simulates the natural motion of the human foot during walking, by an elliptical motion of the main crank. The bike offers a form of mobility never enjoyed before, as it requires no specialised clothing, is lightweight and quick to fold, and easy to get on and ride.

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It has an ‘instant start’ as it is the weight of the rider that causes the main crank to slide. This elliptical motion powers the larger rear wheel of the bicycle through an internal gear drive. The mechanism is simple, sturdy and easily serviceable.

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Some key advantages of the Walkabike that makes it apt for the urban commuter are as follows:

Low Space Occupancy  – the bike comes in at an overall length of under 4 feet (1200mm)

Compact Travel Size and Proportion – the folded bike is convenient for commuting / stacking

Lightweight – built of aluminium, Walkabike would be extremely light without compromising its essential sturdiness

Roll-it-Along – once folded, Walkabike can be simply rolled along

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While the comfortable walking distance for a commuter is 450 metres, using the same walking motion, walk-a-bike increases that range to over 4 kilometres. It requires no specialised clothing or accessories, is lightweight and quick to fold, easy to get on, and easy to ride! Anyone who walks can Walkabike !!

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While still in its conceptual stages, JDAP is currently opening discussions with manufacturers and investors towards the production of the bicycle.


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