German multinational automotive manufacturing company Volkswagen has shifted it’s gear from four-wheeler vehicles to two-wheelers with the launch of their first ever e-bike at Auto China 2010. Based on their concept of ‘Think Blue”, the ‘VW Bik.e’ is a small folding electric bike designed with the intention of  “broadening the concept of mobility.” Unlike regular bicycles, this battery powered bike comes without any pedals. With a top speed of 20 km/ hour, the bike has been created as a supplement to the car, encouraging car owners to use the bike for short trips instead of burning fuel.

While information regarding the charging time has not been revealed, the battery can be charged using the car’s DC current as well as a typical AC plug. The impressive thing about this bike is that it can be easily folded into a disc and stored into the car’s spare tire compartment freeing up trunk space for additional luggage.

There is no doubt that the VW Bik.e is very innovative, but the design and technology part are still questionable. Isn’t the maximum speed of 20 km/ hour too low? And wouldn’t you be stuck if the battery dies and there’s no pedals? A bike with a larger speed limit  and pedals would have been perfect. That’s just our two cents!! Check out the video of the ‘Bike in action’ below and let us know what you think of the VW Bik.e.






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