Swedish architecture firm Tengbom Architects in collaboration with the students at the University of Lund has designed a self contained students unit with the intention of creating sustainable and affordable housing solutions for the student community.


While the current space requirement for each student unit is 25 sq. metres, Tengbom Architects have smartly managed to squeeze the area to a mere 10 sq. metres with legal consent from the authorities. The reduction of utilization area would not only make it affordable by cutting the rental costs by 50%, but also provides am extremely comfortable and private living space consisting of a self contained bathroom, sleeping-loft, kitchen and a small garden with a patio.


Besides making it affordable, the architects have also taken into consideration the sustainability aspect through the utilization of cross laminated wood which has significantly helped in reducing the carbon footprints.


“Choosing right material and manufacturing methods is vital to minimize the carbon emission and therefore wood was chosen for its carbon positive qualities, and as a renewable resource it can be sourced locally to minimize transportation. The manufacturer method was chosen because of is flexible production and for its assembling technique which can be done on site to reduce construction time.”


Built in collaboration with wood manufacturer Martinsons and real estate company AF Bostäder, the ‘Smart Student Unit’ is currently exhibited at the Virserum Art Museum in the historical province of Småland in Sweden.

Photography by Bertil Hertzberg

+ Tengbom Architects


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