Situated in the former Royal Danish Embassy building (built in 1930’s) designed by German architect Johann Emil Schaut, Das Stue holds a reputation to offer a withdrawal into the private while at the same time supporting the pursuit of meaningful encounters and enchanting conversations. Located in of the most sophisticated areas of Berlin, Das Stue is a luxury boutique hotel that feels both distinctly new and unique, and at the same time rediscovers some of the best traditions of Berlin’s early 20th century social life.

Recently the hotel underwent a major architectural renovation and expansion with an all new wing on the building’s former back courtyard. Potsdam based architecture firm Axthelm Architekten has created a magnificent extension designed with an innovative photo concrete surface covered with a historic flower pattern, offering an elegant counterpoint to the rough stone facade of the main building.

While the entrance lobby interiors has been designed to compliment the luxurious neoclassical architecture, there is almost a  ‘surprise factor’ and sense of excitement when you step into the lobby of Das Stue. Italian designer Patricia Urquiola has succeeded in creating this surprise element through her smart choice of materials, color combinations and creative ideas. She plays around with basic interior material like parquet floor patterns and simple furniture which includes wooden tables, colorful chairs and couches creating an informal and cozy environment. The lobby, cocktail bar and restaurants have been integrated to create one open space. The highlight of this area is the unusual yet super creative  ‘Light installation‘ which basically consists of traditional copper vessels suspended from the ceilings.  On the other hand, the casual all-day dining area features large skylights that flood the room with natural daylight, radiant colours and eye-catching design.

The grand staircase which has been preserved to respect the architectural integrity of the structure leads to the 80 guestrooms.  With the creative direction of designer Patricia Urquiola, LVG Arquitectura designed all the guest  rooms which are characterized by it’s modern design, contemporary furniture, polished surface and rich fabrics. While climbing up the staircase, the designers created two small libraries at the landing points with the aim of creating a warm and leisurely atmosphere throughout the hotel premises.  ‘You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave…’











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