Portuguese furniture brand Insidherland recently launched their latest furniture collection called Beyond Memory Collection at the Maison et Objet 2013 in Paris.  The collection which includes a wooden cabinet, storage unit, wooden console, centre table, sofa and mirros frames is entirely inspired by the various elements of nature. When we look at reality through memory we create connections, eliminate the unnecessary and add details that we wish to be true. The Beyond Memory Collection opens the gates of a Land almost as real as imaginary and each creation reveals a personality trait of its creator taking us to places where “A tale never loses in the telling”. Designed to stand out in exquisite spaces, the pieces in this collection are numbered decor icons that evoke emotional relations with the natural world, giving shape to memories that surprise a demanding public which seeks exclusivity and

“The Essence of Insidherland’s designs result from the compatibility between real and imaginary, past and future, local and universal, functional and art. We return to our roots, to the comfort and harmony, to the serenity and naturalness of things because we believe that the symbolic essence of art results from devotion to the senses as well as the appreciation of figurative experience. The creative path of Insidherland is based on a set of values such as conceptual accuracy and framework in different contexts. Through a detachment process and abstraction, we create analogies that turn into concepts, in which the emotional values and traditional culture become anchors of an interpretive evolution where memories of the past are always present.” – says Joana Santos Barbosa, Creative Director of Insidherland

Insidherland’s mission is to tell stories through Art Pieces with function and the main focus is to conquer international markets through the revitalization of national arts and crafts of extreme value. Their objective is to be a reference in the fields of creative and technological innovation, reaching the highest levels of quality and excellence and give shape to special memories of a sensitive and demanding public that seeks exclusivity, recognition and elegance. Like a painting or a sculpture, an INSIDHERLAND Furniture Piece adds value to the lives of those who experience it.

Let’s take a look at some of the designs showcased at the Maison et Objet 2013.


Image above: CABINET

Dimensions: 90cm (Width) x  79cm (Depth) x 200 cm (Height)

The Special Tree is a tree in which two lovers write the promise of an everlasting love; a small tree on the bank of a lake that stands out as the center of a geometric composition. An imposing grove in a mysterious creation with the splendor of autumn colors.  Exotic veneers in high gloss varnish. Base in polished copper.


Dimensions:   186cm (Widht) x 92cm (Depth) x 75 cm (Height)

Raised as a trophy by four hand-carved whelks, Between Waves values the concept of protection as a shell that keeps inside a delicate and undefended being. Exterior lacquered half gloss varnish. Interior and whelks finished with gold leaf in high gloss varnish. Upholstery in cotton velvet.




Dimensions:  80cm (Width) x 80 cm (Depth) x 48 cm (Height)

Four… for Luck is based on the interpretation of the Legend of the 4 leaf clover, in which each petal represents a meaning. The concept was explored so that the four parts – Hope, Faith, Love and Luck – can play an independent role whenever necessary. Top structure finished in rosewood veneer. Plate and base handcrafted in polished brass.




Dimensions:  150cm (widht) x 45cm (depth) x 90 cm (height)

This console is a reflection on the power of Luck. If one day we found a garden of these amulets, the power of the fourth leaf wouldn’t be a prize offered by chance and Luck would become a personal achievement obtained through the watchful eye of each one of us. · Top structure finished in rosewood veneer. Base handcrafted in polished brass.




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