Mumbai-based architectural firm JDAP has transformed the lower level of a rowhouse complex in suburban Mumbai into a bright and fresh space for a dental clinic. As with several such units within the neighbourhood, the space was in a state of disrepair and several alterations had cut it up into an incongruous set of rooms, rendering it ineffective for the needs of the clinic. The first set of alterations carefully reinforced the existing structural system, and then removed the dividing masonry walls, opening up the larger floor plate for more flexible use.

Dental Clinic in Mumbai by JDAP - 08

Dental Clinic in Mumbai by JDAP - 09

A primary objective has been to maximise the penetration of natural light into the operatory and consulting areas. The main access corridor that flanks the operatory rooms has a set of openings that allow diffused natural light into the space and into the glass-fronted cabins that it serves.

KB_71886_FinalFile_JPGReception Area

The glass faces of the cabins turn towards the entrance area, orienting approaching patients. The corridor responds to this jagged edge by a zig-zagging light overhead that starts off from the entrance of the clinic and runs all the way to its rear.

KB_71912_FinalFile_JPGCorridor Area


Super-graphics on the glass faces provide degrees of privacy to the interior while providing a lively and informative engagement with patients on the outside.



A tree passing through the space – an oddity seen in several such rowhouses in the city – was retained, while separated from the interior, providing an unexpected encounter with nature within what is expected to be a sterile environment.

Dental Clinic in Mumbai by JDAP - 05

By imbuing the space with a sense of approachability and informality, the clinic turns into a happy and inviting environment for both patients and the doctors that work there.

Dental Clinic in Mumbai by JDAP - 07Facade of the Dental Clinic

Photography by Studio Kunal Bhatia

Project Team: Avishkar Bharati, Clarissa D’Souza, Enid Gomez, Jude DSouza [Principal]


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