Having friends over for coffee, but too busy to clean your messy bedroom? … Russian designer Vlad Mishin has conceptualized a 60 square metre apartment that folds and unfolds itself to reveal what’s required.

As the name suggests, the Transformer Apartment comprises of a living area, kitchenette and study area attached to a cantilevered bedroom space. The apartment is divided lengthwise by a massive, faceted wall structure made from black metal framework and plywood. This sculptural structure not only defines borders of a space, but also hides the areas which are not utilized. 

The living area is separated from the study & bedroom area by three blocks. The centre one contains the TV unit rotates on its axis and makes it possible to watch television from the living area or the bedroom. The two other blocks are folding and auxiliary and mostly serve as a door opening to the bedroom. The kitchenette is hidden in a niche behind a hinged partition wall which slides apart in opposite directions.

So, the next time you have an early morning guest visit after a house party, you won’t have to worry about the empty bottles and left over food sitting on your kitchen platform. Simply hide it! Isn’t that awesome!









+ Vlad Mishin