Artist Yusuke Asai paints a mural with mud


Art has no borders. And that’s exactly what this uber creative project titled ‘Sprouting life in the forest-fatherly tree, motherly mountain’ proves. As part of the 2014 edition of the Wall Art Festival in India, Japanese artist Yusuke Asai with the help of over 50 local and international volunteers has painted the ceiling and walls of a primary school classroom in Maharashtra state.

What’s truly fascinating about this artwork is its medium. Instead of using any readymade paints, the artist has utilized soil from the surrounding site which is mixed with water to create a thick paste for application on the bright blue walls and ceiling which serves as a background. The mural is composed of several motifs and symbols illustrating animal, human and abstract forms. 

The event was co-organized by the Japan Foundation in an attempt to create and strengthen relations between India and Japan. While the project certainly fosters cross culture exchange, it also inspires the students to think creatively and connect to their local community in productive ways.










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