As part of the project Impronte,  an event dedicated to the famous Italian shoe designer Salvatore Ferragamo, street & contemporary artist Gola Hundun was commissioned to create a public artwork in the little town of Bonito, where Ferragamo was born in 1898.

“Chiarezza di Luna” (Moonlight in Italain) is the name chosen by the artist, a concept which expresses the desire to freeze that moment in which the sun is not yet finally gone down but already the moonlight overlooks the landscape. It is a time when you can be stripped of the struggles and a breeze refreshes the body and the mind. It comes the night, that breeze relaxes the mind and you can focus on those thoughts that accompanied you during the working day and now, you can see everything with a greater clarity.

The artwork is inspired by a variety of elements related to the human nature and the animal one. A dark background mimics the night on which stands a forest of natural elements like leaves, birds, the golden moon and the profile of a mighty stag.


Artist Gola Hundun paints the wall (Image Credit: Antonio-Sena)Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-Hundun-Impronte-2016-Credits-Antonio-Sena7

Hundun works on the contours (Image Credit: Antonio-Sena)

Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-Hundun-Impronte-2016-Credits-Salvatore Curcio 4

Background colour and the moon is finished (Image Credit: Salvatore Curcio)

Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-Hundun-Impronte-2016-Credits-Antonio-Sena 31

Hundun works on the details (Image Credit: Antonio-Sena)

Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-Hundun-Impronte-2016-Credits-Antonio-Sena 28

Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-notturna-Hundun-Impronte-2016-credits-Annibale-Sepe (11)

Hundun paints during the night (Image Credit: Annibale-Sepe)

Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-notturna-Hundun-Impronte-2016-credits-Annibale-Sepe (9) Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-notturna-Hundun-Impronte-2016-credits-Annibale-Sepe (5) Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-notturna-Hundun-Impronte-2016-credits-Annibale-Sepe (2)

Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-Hundun-Impronte-2016-Credits-Antonio-Sena 24

The artwork is entirely permeated by the ambivalence of the central figure of the deer, which symbolize the wisdom of the forest and, on the other hand, the representation of the power of life and the creative nature. The deer catalyst power is mitigated by other elements on the wall like leaves and birds. The presence of birds is a detail which was born from the awareness of the artist about the “relaxing nature” of the harmonious flying which symbolize “freedom for the mind”.

Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-Hundun-Impronte-2016-Credits-Antonio-Sena 33

Finished artwork during the night (Image Credit: Antonio-Sena)

As well as the participation of Tellas was very coherent with the project Impronte, in the same way the artwork by Gola Hundun recalls the Salvatore Ferragamo work whose used to include natural and animal elements in his creations, especially in fabrics and silk scarves.

Besides his excellent artwork, which gave new energy to the little square where children and kids usually spend their leisure time, Gola Hundun left a trail of pleasant human exchanges.

Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-Hundun-Impronte-2016-Credits-Antonio-Sena 26

Public art encourages human interactions and exchange of ideas (Image Credit: Antonio-Sena)

Chiarezza-di-Luna-Gola-Hundun-Impronte-2016-Credits-Salvatore Curcio 5

Kids biking around in the neighbourhood (Image Credit: Salvatore Curcio)

Watch the video of the Impronte 2016 below:


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