Brooklyn-based artist Nicolas Holiber, best known for his extraordinary talent of transforming trash in to vibrant and meaningful pieces of art is back with his latest creation. Holiber’s colourful mixed media sculpture, titled “Head of Goliath” is made out of New York City’s debris, specifically reclaimed wood from shipping pallets and other found objects.


 The four feet tall and ten feet long sculpture is Holiber’s interpretation of the biblical story and long‐standing art historical theme of David and Goliath, in which the future King David, then just a young shepherd boy, armed only with a slingshot, is able to kill the giant Goliath.


The artist sees parallels between this timeless tale and the experience of living in modern-day New York.“People come to New York to be the underdog and beat whatever obstacle is in front of them…The head of Goliath was David’s trophy and I hope viewers will find inspiration in this piece and think about what Head of Goliath, as a symbol, means to them. For myself and many friends of mine, New York is the Goliath,” says the artist.”


Exhibiting in the park presents a unique opportunity to observe how the outdoor environment and NYC in particular will affect the sculpture. I’m looking forward to seeing how the piece will weather and change over time, thereby using the park as a catalyst to transform Head of Goliathinto a modern ruin,” added Holiber.

head-of-goliath-in-nyc-by-artist-nicolas-holiber-05 head-of-goliath-in-nyc-by-artist-nicolas-holiber-06Nicolas Holiber’s Head of Goliath will be on view until September 20, 2015 at the Tribeca Park in Manhattan.

All Images © Nicolas Holiber

+ Nicolas Holiber

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