Architect & designer Taeg Nishimoto has created a lamp design that can configured in multiple ways.  Tuplet is a floor lamp that uses a mesh fabric called Buckram. Buckram is impregnated with resin and is usually used to make the inner structure of hats or other objects that require the stiffness. The mesh has an elastic quality and can be molded into shape by wetting. When the fabric dries, it retains a self-supporting strength while remaining the translucent quality of mesh.


This free standing lamp is composed with hexagonal units of 6 inches with 6 inches deep. These units are multiplied vertically either in the same direction or rotating manner. It is conceived as a geometric play of black and white stacked units, creating different configurations.


Each unit is made with six sheets of Buckram (7 ½” x 11”, 19cm x 28cm) that were molded and connected two at a time. The way the folding of the wetted fabric against the hexagonal mold was done in a completely spontaneous manner to give each folding and the connected unit an individual appearance, as well as adding to the playfulness of the assembled units. When the mesh fabric is overlapped, it creates a certain kind of moiré effect that emphasizes the hollow inner volume of hexagons.



There are two basic configurations; one is a tower with a single light source, and the other has two lighting source at the bottom with units spanning between them. The units can be stacked up to 5 units that make the tower 5’-2” (1.57m) high.


The light bulb is contained in the box at the bottom, and the light is projected upward. When it’s lit, each unit receives the light and makes the translucency of the mesh fabric more apparent. The light also projects out from the center hole of each unit and when it is placed against the wall, it creates dynamic light and shadow pattern on the adjacent wall.



+ Taeg Nishimoto

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