We strongly believe in promoting innovative design ideas of young & talented artists, architects and designers from all over the world. If you think you have a design or concept which would be the next big thing in the design industry, then feel free to submit your work and we shall not only feature it on our website, but also promote your work. Also, if you just feel like sharing an article or product with a futuristic concept & cutting edge technology, you can email us at:

Guidelines for Submissions:

  • Provide us with a suitable & catchy title
  • Provide us with a description of your work (minimum 300 words)
  • Provide us with a high resolution featured image
  • Provide us  a minimum of 5-10 images  in high resolution
  • Provide us with a link to your portfolio or website.


All the submissions are reviewed by our editorial team and we reserve the right to reject any submission from being published, if:

  • Your submission doesn’t fit into any of our categories. (See our main site to learn about the categories)
  • Your writeup is poorly written or has a lot of spelling mistakes.
  • If you are submitting somebody else’s design work without giving credit to the original designer.