The Art Toronto 2013: Toronto International Art Fair will be held in Canada’s cultural capital, Toronto from 24th to 28th October 2013. Considered as Canada’s only modern and contemporary fine art fair, the event provides a perfect platform for art galleries to showcase their work and network with art collectors and professionals.  At this year’s event, more than 100 reputed art galleries from North America, Europe & Asia will be exhibiting and we would like to take the opportunity to present one of our favourites.

As part of its premiere exhibition in Toronto, Nevada city based ten472 Contemporary Art will present FOUR, featuring the work of four established sculptors Theodore Gall, Elisabett Gudmann, Gino Miles and Kirk H. Slaughter from the Western United States. ten472 is a contemporary art space located in Northern California whose focus is on identifying and exhibiting the work of artists who present a contemporary vision to the traditional art forms, with an emphasis on sculpture. The exhibition will be comprised of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works primarily made of metal; cast bronze, fabricated bronze, copper, stainless steel and aluminium. The focused presentation and cohesive aesthetic will work to create a sophisticated and elegant exhibit.


Visitors at the Birdhouse, 2013 by Theodore Gall
Unique bronze with patina

32”h x 36”w x 16”d

Theodore Gall‘s compelling sculptures are most often placed in thought provoking situations, presenting familiar images in unexpected combinations and contexts. His apt insight into the human condition and his wry observations of political trends are at the core of his creativity. Gall’s series of bronze heads are uniquely articulated with layers that literally open to reveal new elements and insights, and expand on the theme of the pieces. The sculptures encourage peeling back layers to reveal hidden truths, hypocrisies and primal instincts. Through masks or hinged layers his work explores humanity’s multiple personas and evolutionary opportunities.


Level Head: 1, 2013 by Theodore Gall
Unique bronze with patina
18”h x 18”w x 8”d

Theodore Gall studied at both the Art Institute of Chicago and the American Academy of Art. His work is included in many notable collections including President Jimmy Carter, Walt Disney Corporation, the Illinois State Museum, and Standard Oil, among others. Gall lives and works in Southern California.


Seedpicker, 2013 by Theodore Gall
Unique bronze with patina
12”h x 16”w x 8”d

Elisabett Gudmann is a diverse artist with three distinct bodies of work; metal wall pieces, cast bronze sculpture and fabricated bronze sculpture. While she is most widely recognized for her metal wall pieces, she is also an accomplished sculptor, most often creating 3-dimensional works with her partner, Kirk H. Slaughter.

Gudmann’s interest in time and the way it transforms both natural and man-made elements have helped to shape the narrative of her metal wall pieces. Her work on metal literally duplicates the passing of time by speeding up the ageing process through the use of acids and chemicals on the metal surface. The complex and physically demanding process involves laboriously etching the metal surface with acids to create detailed surface textures and imagery in relief.


Urban Relic Red, 2012 by Elisabett Gudmann
Acid etched metal panel, unique chemical patinas
48”h x 44”w x 2”d

Unique and intricate patina colours are achieved by working with a variety of caustic chemicals, layering colours and often employing a reductive technique. A true alchemist, Gudmann has spent many years developing the proprietary formulas to create her unique patinas. Her imagery evolves through layered complexity and evokes references to natural and man-made environments. Influences of abstract expressionism infuse her work, striking a balance between the abstract and the recognizable, The metal wall pieces have the aged, translucent and earthy feeling of a remnant that has been worn down over time, yet are meticulously beautiful.


Shadow of A Dream, 2012 by Elisabett Gudmann
Acid etched metal panel with unique chemical patinas
24”h x 12”w x 18”d

In direct contrast to her refined metal wall pieces, the sculptures in the Crowd Series suggest the primitive and the timeless with their roughly textured and aged surfaces, patina finishes and abstracted forms. The figuratively themed sculpture and are collaboratively made by Elisabett Gudmann and her partner, Kirk H. Slaughter.

The Crowds are huddled groups of figures with roughly textured surfaces, evoking existential thoughts of life, death, creation and the human condition. The figures are distinguished by their featureless bodies, negative spaces, textured surfaces, exaggerated legs and ashy patina colours. The textured surfaces and patinas bring to mind impressions of the scorched earth and the elongated and exaggerated legs suggest that of a burned forest. Rather than having space
between them creating individuality, these figures are pushed together, becoming one as a crowd against all that confronts them.


Crowd: 1 (detail), 2012 by Elisabett Gudmann & Kirk H. Slaughter
Unique bronze with patina
24h x 14”w x 18”d

The artists, a couple, take different approaches to their creative endeavours and have merged their diverse talents, styles and skills to create two distinct bodies of work. The uniquely fabricated bronze abstractions address the interchange between positive and negative space with grace, elegance and balance. Slaughter and Gudmann’s constructions transcend the starker aesthetics of minimalism by combining a clean architectural context with sensual sophistication. Through a delicate balance of form and content, the clean lines and smooth surfaces reflect a masculine strength while at the same time maintaining a feminine sensibility.


Intersection, 2012 by Kirk H. Slaughter & Elisabett Gudmann
Unique bronze with patina
34”h x 56”w x 24”d

A San Francisco native, Elisabett Gudmann received her Bachelor of Science from California State University, Sacramento. Her works are included in numerous public and private collections and she recently completed two major projects: a 55ft x 12ft multi panel wall installation located in Paris, France, and a 28ft x 10ft multi wall installation located in New York City.

Kirk H. Slaughter conducted formal studies at the Herron School of Art, Indianapolis, IN, and the University of
Kansas, Lawrence, KS. They live and work in Northern California.

The sculpture of Gino Miles combines, in a contemporary context, his love of nature and energy for both objects found in nature and classical sculpture. The balance of a piece in relationship to its spatial position is a critical component of his work, often creating a tension between space and sculpture. Primarily working with fabricated bronze and stainless steel, each sculpture is unique unto itself; no two are identical. His recent series of knot sculptures were inspired by observing how different plants – mainly morning glories and sweet peas – tied themselves into knots and tangles enabling them to climb. While his first experiments with the knot form were stylized images from cut vine fragments, his renewed focus on the knot has a bold abstract quality. They are deliberations in space and form and intertwining elements; statements in their own right rather than emulating movement found in nature.


Encircled, 2012 by Gino Miles
Stainless Steel
9 ft h x 10 ft w x 9 ft d

Miles currently lives and works in Santa Fe, NM. He earned his Master of Arts from the University of Northern Colorado, and conducted additional studies at the University per i Stranierier, Perugia, Italy, and the Accademia di Belle Arte, Firenze, Italy.

His large scale works are included in may permanent and private collections including the Disney Corporate Headquarters, the cities of Cerritos and  Napa, CA, the city of Albuquerque, NM, and Western Kentucky State University, KY, among others.

The opening night preview of the Art Toronto 2013: Toronto International Art Fair will be held at Metro Toronto Convention Centre on the 24th October 2013.


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