The Truck Art Project is an innovative cultural project of artistic patronage driven by businessman and collector Jaime Colsa. Created in collaboration with Ink and Movement, Klasse and Palibex, the project was initiated with the sole intention of composing a particular collection of Spanish contemporary art, whereby the transportation trucks that work with Colsa’s company are used as a canvas to create a series of monumental media work.

At present, the project showcases works of seven well known contemporary artists including Javier Arce, Suso33, Okuda San Miguel, Abraham Lacalle, Marina Vargas, Javier Calleja and Daniel Muñoz. While, the collaborators think that this is a good starting point, the ambitious project aims to create a network of art in motion through 100 artistic proposals including other multidisciplinary such as  photography, music and film.

Some of the trucks are even used to exhibit works of art inside, turning them into itinerant galleries opening doors to the public and bringing contemporary art to people in remote places of Spain with no access to cultural activities.

The result is a collection of mobile art that challenges the artist to deal with scales and budgets that have never been attempted before and in the process transform people into involuntary and fleeting viewers of the artwork.

Truck art by Okuda San MiguelTruck art project - 05

Truck art by Javier Arce

Truck art project - 02Truck art project - 01

Truck art by Suso33 Truck art project - 03

Truck art project - 04

Truck art by Daniel Muñoz

Truck art project - 14

Truck art project - 13

Truck art by Javier Calleja

Truck art project - 11

Truck art project - 12

Truck art by Abraham Lacalle

Truck art project - 07

Truck art project - 08

Truck art by Marina Vargas

Truck art project - 10Truck art project - 09

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