What started as a part time hobby of collecting vintage photos and postcards has turned in to a full time profession for Italy-born, Dublin-based artist Naomi Vona.

Vona’s latest project is focused on collages, where she works on vintage found photos and postcards creating a new interpretation of the original shots. Simply using pens, paper, colored tape and stickers, she gives a new life to every image.Blue Spring

Blue Spring

The Only TearThe Only Tear

“I have been working on collages since 2003, but these kinds of works were born here in Ireland. A couple of years ago I bought lots of vintage photos and postcards from eBay because I’ve always loved to collect things I could build upon at a later stage. I started to play around with the idea of collages and the results have immensely satisfied my senses and I just haven’t stopped since then.”

Forgot SaintForgot Saint

The Fucking TexturesThe Fucking Textures

Vona’s works are a perfect combination between her passion for photography and design. Every artwork is basically composed of three elements: Vona’s past life experiences, her inspirations and subconscious, all three combine to become the glue that puts every artwork together.


Il Martirio Di Caterina Da SienaIl Martirio Di Caterina Da Siena

“All my works are directly associated with my personal life experiences. I like to create double meanings, play with words and I really love to quote songs, books or movies that I love. Lots of my artworks are titled and directly inspired by them.” Naomi Vona explains.

David ByrneDavid Byrne

Possiblita_ Di EspansionePossiblita_ Di Espansione

“The fascination for the past is the key, the flashing colours are the portal. I like to imagine that I have an imaginary portal that brings me into the past every time I desire, and my artworks are the visual proof of my time travel adventures.”

And I Think It's Gonna Be A Long Long TimeAnd I Think It’s Gonna Be A Long Long Time

Naomi Vona’s work are available at Saatchi’s online gallery and Etsy.


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