Studio DUNN, an award-winning design firm, has created a new line of throw pillows featuring rich New England colors in dynamic patterns inspired by traditional American heritage quilting techniques. The pillows are beautifully crafted works of art that provide brilliant pops of color to accent seating areas and bedrooms. 

Designer Asher Dunn drew inspiration from the local landscape and his travels in New England when creating the pillows. “There are so many beautiful areas to explore in New England,” says Dunn, “and I felt challenged by the idea of using textiles and color to convey my memories of a place. I’ve always wanted to work with soft goods, and I felt pillows would be an ideal canvas for me to explore this new medium.” With their modern artistry, the pillows absolutely achieve Dunn’s desired effect.


The Maritime, created with the boats and ships sailing the coast of Maine in mind.


The Shoreline, inspired by the salty ocean and sandy dunes of Cape Cod.


The Autumnal, named for the dazzling autumn colors of Vermont.

“The color palettes for each pillow were derived from gouache color studies I created during visits to the coastlines, harbors, woods and mountains that make up this part of the country,” says Dunn. “I find this method to be an excellent way of mixing and exploring color variations.”


Dunn worked closely with a small shop in the Midwest to source a 100% cotton fabric for the pillow covers. The fabrics are hand-dyed using a proprietary process that creates a unique dappled effect, then meticulously inspected and chosen for their organic patterning. “Landscapes and seascapes inspired my design for pillows, so I wanted to bring in as much natural texture and pattern as possible,” explains Dunn. “Think of the way light catches ripples in the water and reflects on the side of a boat, or the foamy lattice left by a wave washing from the shore, or even the briny texture of salt on your skin after swimming in the ocean. For me, the feeling of these elements is captured in the special dyeing process and treatment of the fabric.”


After selecting the fabrics, a local quilter cuts and arranges the geometric pieces, a process done by hand using traditional quilting methods. The sections are then expertly stitched together. “The craft of quilting has strong roots across the United States, especially in New England,” says Dunn. “This area was the heart of the textile industry at the turn of the nineteenth century, so quilting was a natural source of inspiration for the design.” Dunn turned to a local quilters’ guild to connect with artisans who are experts in their craft. “I partnered with an incredibly talented local quilter to sketch ideas, finalize patterns, and explore color and fabric interaction,” says Dunn. With their distinct fabrics and careful, precise construction, the American Heritage Pillows showcase high quality quilting techniques and stunning color combinations that truly reflect New England.

+ Studio Dunn

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