Milan based architecture firm arcHITects, in collaboration with artists Alicia Martin, Arthur Duff, Aldo Grazzi and Sebastiaan Bremer, Francesco Candeloro of Galleria Galica, presents their latest project, a modular system of versatile tables with a clean design, incorporating a work of art as the table top. The four artists  step down from the walls, taking turns to join you whilst in the company of friends, working or relaxing, bringing contemporary art into the home as an object of everyday use.

The table consists of a metal framework and a table top in HPL (High Pressure Laminate). The table top can be easily detached and hung on to the wall, either vertically or horizontally, creating a vibrant, animated and dynamic environment. The table comes in two different sizes:

Available in two different heights and sizes: 150 cm x 90 cm x  72/ 35 cm (LxWxH) which serves as a dining table or desk and 125 cm x 75 cm x  35 cm (LxWxH) which can be used as a low coffee table for the lounge. In both cases the table top remains an easily interchangeable work of art, giving your interior decoration a constantly fresh look with the perfect design for every space.


Kaleidoscopic views of cities by Artist Francesco Candeloro


Domestic Tablecloths for “Untidy” Minds by Artist Aldo Grazzi



Imaginary Insects by Artist Aldo Grazzi


Lemon Fall by Artist Sebastiaan Bremer


Concentric, geometric shapes derived from DNA by Artist Arthur Duff


Vortices of books by Artist Alicia Martin