Spanish Artist & co-founder of Itinerario Muralistico De Victoria-GasteizVeronica Werckmeister truly believe that art is for everyone. As part of their public arts project, they are putting the tools of contemporary art  into the  hands of citizens. People from all walks of life are brought together to create and work on public art projects.  Combining social, cultural and even technological initiatives to create tangible artistic works  that humanize the public realm while fomenting civic participation. The duo is constantly seeking out new formulas to provoke  unexpected combinations of individuals who then collectively face artistic challenges as collaborators.  The works themselves become part of the urban landscape and cultural language of contemporary society.

Both the artists are constantly striving to create working environments that are not only productive but that bring people of diverse backgrounds together working towards a common goal. Youth are affected by working with older counterparts and retirees thrive with the energy and impulse of the young. Individuals from troubled backgrounds or going through difficult personal circumstances find an outlet that serves as a means of social integration and personal renewal. Volunteers work side by side with paid artists, and paid youth workers with the understanding and belief that the experience itself is worth much more than can be calculated.

“We strive to offer projects to creative people who are willing to learn and sometimes struggle through creative processes that are new to them because they involve collaboration, open-mindedness, confidence and humility, Working side by side with non-professionals. In addition we are constantly seeking out new and innovative projects so as not to limit paths of expression for any citizens. By creating projects open to physically disabled persons, adding cutting edge technology (video-mapping) to traditional art forms (mural painting) in the first ever “moving mural”, or  creating international exchanges with artists and muralists from around the world.

Finally we believe that art created using collaborative methodology is fundamental in understanding contemporary art and culture and thus we value the work created in open workshops as equal or even greater than art created by individual artists. Creating an open, free and quotidian museum at street level, where art can be viewed, appreciated and effective in the daily lives of everyone. Many of the works produced by us in collaborative environments are recognized for their quality, depth, importance and sophistication. They are often believed to be the work of a single artist. We strive for community muralism to find a place within the greater sphere of contemporary art, as individuals learn to work together to create forceful works the public learns to appreciate non-professional contributions to the arts and might even consider becoming a part of  a collaborative project themselves.” – says Veronica Werckmeister

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