Stylish, Comfy and Unique! These are the three keywords that best describe Milan’s Your Own Universe‘s Autumn/Winter 2014 shoes collection. YOU’s commitment to unique, one-of-a-kind styling and craftsmanship parallels their commitment to sustainability. These 100% handmade shoes are created from rough leather blended with bold tribal patters and sturdy sole made from recycled rubber, especially designed for the rough trails. The collection consists of two different styles: The High Boot & the Running Boot.

While the ‘High Boot’ has a more casual to semi-formal style, what makes it interesting is the blending of elements of traditional mountaineering footwear. The shoes provide great ankle support, are extremely sturdy and provide the necessary warmth during the winter days. As the name suggests, the ‘Running Boot’ looks like a pair of regular running shoes. What makes the ‘Running Boot’ unique from the rest of them is the addition of  a quarter (Quarter is the part  of shoes that covers the sides and the back of the foot) which is blended with bold & colourful tribal patters. As per sources, the ‘Running Boot’ is lighter than the High Boot and slightly less supportive through the ankle…..WE LOVE IT! And you?


Photo Credits: Hans Aschim/ Source:  CoolHunting

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