Clothespin designed to illuminate the streets

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Hanging wet laundry on a clothesline in the balconies of apartments in Asia or in the backyards of town-houses in Europe & North America is a common practise. While it is a very practical idea to make use of the balcony in apartments with space constraints or backyards of houses which is the only open area in most of the properties, the sight of hanging clothes isn’t pleasant in terms of architecture aesthetics.

Designer duo of Idan Noyberg and Gal Bulka have designed a clothespin which is fitted with mini-solar panels and LEDs, allowing the clips to illuminate the surroundings with vibrant colours. The ‘Lightly’ clothespin has been attached with small solar panels on the top. The solar panels collect sunlight throughout the day and store it in the battery fastened to the pins. The built-in sensors on the clips provide signals to the battery pack when the sun begins to set and the battery then automatically illuminates the coloured LEDs to light up the streets with vivacious colours.

Described as “an intelligent twist on an ordinary household chore”, the ‘Lightly’ clothespin enhances the visual aesthetics of the streetscape while maintaining an environmentally friendly design.






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  1. julie groth says:

    These are very pretty but who hangs their laundry out at night?

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