Changsha Meixihu International Culture and Arts Centre

World renowned architecture firm Zaha Hadid Architects have once again surprised architecture lovers with their design concept for the Changsha Meixihu International Culture & Art Centre in China. The 115,000 square metres space consists of three modern buildings serving as an innovative cultural complex.

The main venue of the project is the Grand Theatre designed to seat 1,800 guests. With this space, the London-based firm proposes to provide an architectural setting that functions as a host to “world-standard performances” fully equipped with additional amenities  such as bars and restaurants for visitors as well as the required ancillary functions, such as administration, rehearsal rooms, backstage logistics, dressing and make-up rooms, and wardrobe.

The second building is a contemporary museum intended for both indoor and outdoor art exhibitions. The Museum’s composition of three fluid petals around its internal central atrium, juxtaposes of the various patchworks of gallery spaces in a truly seamless fashion. With outward views and balconies to its exteriors, it aims to engage the site’s unique location and surrounding views into some of its gallery spaces. An external plaza which faces Meixi Lake Road allows for outdoor sculptures, exhibitions and events to be extended to an expansive outdoor space.

The Multipurpose Hall is designed for a maximum capacity of 500 seats and it can be adapted and transformed to different configurations. It can therefore accommodate a broad range of functions and shows that span from banquets and commercial events to small plays, fashion shows and music.

“Embodying values of functionality, elegance and innovation, the Changsha Meixi Lake International Culture & Arts Centre aims to become the new cultural and civic node for the city of Changsha as well as a global cultural destination.”






+ Zaha Hadid Architects


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