It took seven shipping containers and about three years to complete the Container Bar in Austin, Texas. Designed by North Arrow Studio with the help of Hendley | Knowles Design Studio, this hip style bar, spread over an area of 8000 sq feet, is construed by stacking the containers on top of one another to create a open, double-height bar area covered with corrugated metal panels. Unlike simple container projects where the container opening is mostly used as an entrance, the Container Bar features full height windows and walls that have been carved out from the body of the containers. In order to replace the steel removed and provide additional support, a steel post of lintel is inserted.

The interiors of the bar is finished with a combination of various materials and vibrant colours. The space features four different private rooms with comfy chairs and couches, each with a distinct style and personality. The bar opens up to an outdoor sitting area allowing the customers to enjoy the sun during the daytime and lounge around indoors during the chilly evenings. Compared to other shipping container projects we have covered in the past, what really makes this project stand out is the thoughtful incorporation of a ramp to provide access to wheelchairs and the fact that the unique design could be easily transported to a different location.
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