The winners of the 2013  Sony World Photography Awards Open Competition Winners  were announced just this past month, on the 19 March 2013.

This award program is run by Sony markets from across 23 different countries.  Its’  goal is to search for the best image by an amateur photographer. This year, as there is every year, there  is an enormous variety chosen by local judges.   They include everything from action shots steeped in high energy, to simplistic  images of families, to futuristic ones.

Having just purchased my Cannon T3i, and having  ventured out to the Botanical Gardens of Montreal to snap photos at the Butterfly exhibition  I must say I am in awe of some of the winning fast paced images.    As they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.   The variety of the winning scenes and how they may have been chosen proves nothing if not that.

My personal favorites are the winners of  Wei-Seng-Chen  of  Malaysia and  Chun-Chung of Taiwan.    I  am awed by the action   caught in the snap of a millisecond in both of these high energy images.   Another favorite is   Manny-Fajutag of the Philippines which  evokes a longing to to travel even more and soak up the four corners of the earth.

In addition, the Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition, curated by Michael Benson, will be  showcasing the winning and shortlisted photographers from this  competition.  It’s images span   photojournalism, fine art and commercial photography.

All category winners will receive a Sony A77 and will have their images exhibited at Somerset House, London, from 26 April – 12 May as part of the 2013 Sony World Photography Awards Exhibition.  The photographs will also be published in the 2013 edition of the Sony World Photography Awards book.


 Lin Chun Chung 1st Place Taiwan National Award 2013


 Manny Fajutag 1st Place Philippines National Award 2013


 Joshua Donnelly 1st Place New Zealand National Award 2013


 Swesthi  Charika 1st Place Indonesia National Award 2013 


 Eric Gomes 1st Place Brazil National Award 2013


 Chaiyot  Chanyam 1st Place Thailand National Award 2013


Daniel Gama 1st  Place Mexico National Award 2013


Orlando Gutierrez Carrillo 1st Place Venezuela National Award 2013

Hiep-Hoang-Nyguyen,-1st-Place,-Vietnam-National-Award-2013 (1)

 Hiep Hoang Nyguyen 1st PlaceVietnam National Award 2013


  Ivan-Valencia   1st Place Colombia National Award 2013 

If you’re interested in competing or finding out more about how to qualify for this and many other competitions by World Photography Organization visit

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