Not everyone has the chance the head off to far flung sunny locations this summer and we’ve round up some of the best city breaks in Europe for you to enjoy in the coming weeks. If you thought everyone deserted the city in the summer months, think again: festivals, open air cinema, al fresco dining, etc… There might actually not be a better time to enjoy the city life so pack your bag and take your pick from some of the most dynamic, action-packed cities across Europe this season.


  1. London

It’s a classic that never disappoints: London is always one of the most exciting spots, and even more so in the summer months.

Take a hike in one of the most glorious parks of the city, or soak up the sun in one of the urban pop-up beaches in town, in Fulham, Brixton or on the rooftop of Morning Gloryville.

When the beach party is over, head out to the best cocktail bars such as Berners Tavern and The Sun Tavern. What a program!


  1. Wroclaw, Poland

The 2016 European Capital of Culture, Wroclaw is best visited in June, when you will be able to stroll along the river Odra to discover some of the incredibly numerous bridges in the city and the pastel architecture. Be sure to stop for some pierogi on the way, those deliciously filled polish dumplings.

What’s more the city is brimming with events over the summer, still reaping on the benefits recently brought by its European Capital of Culture status. It’s also very easy to get around and on a budget, and especially perfect if you’re looking to avoid the waves of tourists over the summer as the word hasn’t quite got round yet: be quick before it’s too late!


  1. Split, Croatia

Much more lively and authentic than the more famous Dubrovnik in the South, Split is a great city to discover by foot, strolling around the ruins of the Diocletian’s Palace. Enjoy a lunch of honey flavoured wine, dry ham and cheese, or fried calamari and book yourself a spot on one of the many boats heading to the islands near by. Some of them are very much off-the beaten path and there is definitely loads of room to explore, even for just a few days.


  1. Bari, Italy

Bari is located in Southern Italy, in the Puglia region. Far from the more touristy spots of Firenze and Roma, Bari is a beautiful but lesser known historic city on the Adriatic coast. Spend some time in the old town and enjoy a drink on Piazza del Ferrarese or Piazza Mercantile to observe the lively local life.

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