Modern living is a powerful and beautiful aesthetic and lifestyle that suits everyone, but is particularly perfect for city livers. Modern living is simple, it is sharp, and it is stylish. The Modern lifestyle is clean and functional. It is the best solution for small apartment living, because its lines and simplicity enlarge spaces. To benefit from small-space modern living, follow this simple guide to help you transform your apartment:

  1. Declutter

One of the staples of the modern aesthetic is the power of simplicity. As such, clutter has no place. Minimalism is the lifestyle and aesthetic that empowers many modern homes. It allows for your statement pieces and memories to shine, and it gives you space to live in your apartment. Don’t give home to things you don’t use. Declutter and enjoy the benefits of having clean surfaces and extra space in your small apartment.


  1. Use the Ceiling

When you don’t have that much floor space, it’s time to use the ceiling. The ceiling is the perfect place to hang things from. In the kitchen, you can hang your pots and pans above a counter or island table. In your living and bedroom, you can declutter further by using striking industrial pendant lighting to provide the lighting function but with a strong aesthetic.These lights will look sharp and beautiful in your modern home, and clear space from your floor and surfaces while also bringing balance to your room.


  1. Use Furniture Sparingly

Having a statement couch can work wonders for your small space, but you shouldn’t try to clutter your living room with too much furniture, as this will just make your apartment into a maze you need to shuffle around. To maximize both space and storage, opt for furniture that has multiple purposes. You can get an ottoman that opens for storage space, for instance.


  1. Use Glass Furnishings

When you want your small place to feel bigger, it’s a good idea to use glass furnishings like tables and other surfaces. The glass, of course, is difficult to keep clean, but being able to see through to the floor will make your apartment seem bigger and brighter.


  1. Use Your Walls to Your Advantage

Wall space is perfect for both storage and for hanging art and other statement pieces. You don’t, however, want to close your apartment in by crowding it with too many things. If you need to use your walls to their maximum, try to incorporate mirrors more into the décor so that your room feels bigger. You don’t want to feel claustrophobic, but you also need to have space to store your things. Find a balance that works for your space and use it to your advantage.

The modern aesthetic and modern lifestyle of minimalism is a great choice for city dwellers who, even with a great job and a high-paying salary, can still find that their apartment is too small. The benefits of city living are great, and to make your home work for you, you need to be smart about your living space.


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