You have the taps on high, but the water just isn’t coming out as strongly as it once was. The water pressure has gotten low and it’s time to fix it. There are a few reasons behind most pressure problems. If you talk to professionals like the Plumbing Detectives, you might get a few tips on taking care of this plumbing problem on your own.

A Blockage

Clogs aren’t only a problem for drains. When you have hard water, mineral build-up can occur, and slowly create a blockage in the pipes. This can happen farther down the pipeline, but it’s a little more common right in the spout of the faucet or the shower-head fixture. If you have low water pressure just at one spot in the house, this is probably the cause. It may also only be the hot water supply that has low pressure, so check on the tank for mineral build-up in the valves.

Scraping out mineral deposits isn’t a simple chore and you may need to have pipes replaced, though a professional can give you their opinion on that depending on the location of the blockage.

Now, if the blockage is within the tap or other fixture, you can probably take care of that yourself. A stiff brush can usually clear away the mineral crust, or soaking in vinegar can help to dissolve the minerals in the smaller spots that a brush can’t reach. Actually, if you are industrious, you can use the vinegar approach to dissolve blocks in the pipes too but that involves flushing out the entire water system and pumping a vinegar mixture through everything.

Check the Main Valve

Sometimes it can be a simple issue, like the main water valve that brings water to the house has been knocked. Even just slightly closed can affect the water pressure through the entire house. You just need to check on it, and open it fully if this is the problem.


There may be an undetected leak somewhere in your plumbing system that is draining water to create low pressure. Do some investigating where you have exposed pipes and look for water. If the pressure is low at only certain places in the house, you should target your search to that area. If it’s the whole house, the leak will be closer to the main source.

Inadequate Pipes

If this isn’t a new development (like you’ve just moved into a new home and found weak water pressure), the problem is more likely some poor pipe installations at various parts of the house. Narrow pipes will give you low water pressure, and they will have to be replaced to fix the problem. If you did have fine pressure for a while and then it began to drop, this isn’t going to be the problem.

Inadequate pipes can suddenly become a problem if you have replaced any major appliances or changed fixtures though. A new washing machine may have a larger draw requirement, leaving you with unexpected lower pressure elsewhere in the house when its running, for example.


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