Fan Table by Mauricio Affonso


 This amazing modular table is created from over 400 wooden slats  by designer Mauricio Affonso. The table is designed in a way that it can be expanded, contract and fan out into a full circle. It has a birch base with gate legs that fold out or tuck away as it changes shape. The Fan Table explores the role of tables as the infrastructure for social interaction. The surface can freely expand, contract and revolve in an effortless fan like movement of the hand. Mauricio Affonso is interested in designing with a deep understanding of the situations in which furniture find themselves in the world. In this case, he was driven by the idea of investigating the reciprocity between table and context. “Furniture can be quite limited sometimes,” explains Affonso, “I wanted to move away from the table as an static object and create a self-transforming table that can spontaneously adapt itself to play a new role in the fabric of a situation.”

+ Mauricio Affonso


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  1. Nico Yektai Modern Furniture Design says:

    One of the more innovative solution to an “expanding” dining table that I have seen. I like to engage the user in the composition by allowing them to change the composition. This piece achieves this from a completely different design point of view. Nice to discover!

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