Many people lead busy lives, so it can often be difficult to connect with everyone at the same time. Fortunately, a dinner party provides the perfect opportunity to bring your loved ones together to talk, laugh and toast to many more happy memories together. To ensure you have an evening to remember, read our helpful tips on how to plan a dinner party.

Create a Seating Plan

Before you invite your guests over for dinner, we recommend ensuring you have enough space to sit them all. The last thing you will want is for a loved one to be squeezed onto a corner of a table. So, create a seating plan that ensures you have enough room for all your loved ones. If not, the time might have come to invest in a new modern dining room table to enable you to throw many more dinner parties in the future. If you’re short on space, we recommend an extendable dining table that will accommodate a large group of guests.

Choose a Theme

Have you got a dinner party theme in mind? It could be an elegant dinner, Christmas meal or a cozy autumn party. Think of the best theme for your party that will impress your guests, and ensure your dinnerware, centerpiece and decorations reflect your choice.

Extend the Dinner Party Invitations

Do you struggle to get all your friends or family members into one room because of their hectic lives? If so, connect with individuals to find a day when everyone is free. Once you know, extend the dinner party invitations to your loved ones. While you can send them a text or email, you could possibly send a written invitation to their address, which ties in with your chosen theme. Tell them the time, date, and dress code for the dinner party, which can create a little hype ahead of the dinner party. You can guarantee your family or friends will appreciate the time and effort you have taken to send the email and plan the party.

Plan the Menu

Dinner parties can be stressful enough. If you give yourself too much to do in the kitchen, you will not have much time to spend with your guests. We therefore recommend keeping the dishes simple yet delicious. You could even make the dishes prior to their arrival, which you can keep warm until you are ready to serve. Don’t forget to take the weather into consideration when planning a dinner party menu.

Make a Shopping List

Once you know what dinner party recipes you will cook for the big night, we recommend writing a detailed shopping list so you don’t forget one ingredient. You’ll also need to ensure the drinks are flowing all night. A good rule of thumb is to calculate three bottles of wine for four guests.

Check Your Tableware

It’s not only the menu and decorations you must consider ahead of the dinner party. You should also ensure you have enough tableware, serving dishes and cookware, too. If you don’t, ensure you visit a store to pick up the necessary crockery.

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