We spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen and the dining room whenever we’re home. A comfortable, beautiful and functional kitchen is a crucial element in a house. However, since it is also a high-traffic area, your kitchen can start to look dated fast. If that’s the case, a quick refresh is in order. There are some beautiful design ideas you can borrow for your next kitchen remodelling project. We are going to discuss them here.

Wrap-Around Shelving

We’re so used to filling one side or two walls of the kitchen with shelves – creating that classic L-line and leaving enough room for a more spacious look – that we don’t normally consider wrap-around shelving. When done correctly, however, wrap-around shelving is actually a great way to make your kitchen more functional, yet still very beautiful.

You can focus important appliances – the stove and your oven – on one side of the kitchen and wrap shelves around those centrepieces. Choose warmer colours and combine them with light-coloured walls. Birch or granite countertops paired with light grey or white walls will create that illusion of space. The result is a kitchen that is not only warm and comfortable, but also functional and still very spacious.

Black and White

Black and white is always a great combination, and the combination works beautifully when applied in the kitchen. First, you need a set of white dining table and chairs. You can also paint the walls of your kitchen white; it doesn’t have to be pristine white too, since accents can make the entire kitchen look more interesting.

If white walls are too scary for you – out of fear of stains and other problems that may occur once you start using the kitchen – then you can have the local tiler install white tiles on certain parts of the wall. Tiles are much easier to clean and they can add interesting accents to the room.

Lastly, pair white cabinets and appliances with black granite countertops to complete the look. This kitchen design works even better when you have large windows on one or two sides of the kitchen. The light coming into the room will make your kitchen feel warm in an instant.

Cookbooks and Hidden Drawers

One last kitchen remodelling idea we are going to discuss is tailored for those who collect a lot of cookbooks. Instead of storing them in the living room, why not add a dedicated set of shelves for them in the kitchen? Open shelves, just above your countertops, is a good place to start. The colours of the books, paired with the minimalistic lines of the shelves, will add flair to your kitchen.

Pair this look with hidden drawers to balance things out. You don’t want your kitchen to look cluttered, especially if you want to spend a lot of time in it. instead of accented handles and conventional drawers, go with clean drawers with hidden indentation for easy opening and closing. Choose simpler colours and you’ll have a beautiful kitchen at the end of the remodelling.

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