Initial impressions are critical in business dealings. The visual scene you create should be compatible with your company’s personality. Whatever style you convey, it is essential to create a place that is pleasant, welcoming and warm – one that will make the client feel confident and secure. Most people’s emotional impressions are ever-changing. Many of us, as a result, avoid areas that are unfriendly and cold.

Keep Things Warm and Inviting

Research shows that customers buy much more easily from companies they both like and trust. Statistics demonstrate that clients who meet professionals in warm and friendly surroundings often view them as more trustworthy. The mind seems to relate physical warmth with social warmth. Therefore, it is important to choose textures and colours that will warm up your office environment. This type of format was followed, for instance, in Saracen Interiors’ refurbishment for a London based creative agency.

Part of what makes a décor feel warmer is the seating. Make sure you offer adequate seating to your customers. After all, it is not nice to let people stand in a waiting room whilst you are comfortably sitting in your own work area. It is also important to decorate your office, so any waiting clients can focus on an interesting painting or sculpture. You might also showcase a collection of books or highlight a spectacular window view.

Your furniture and space arrangement should be both functional and proportionate to the kind of message you want to convey. Less formal arrangements demonstrate more of a team spirit – one that is more friendly and engaged. A conference table where you can sit beside a client is a good solution. You don’t want to sit across from a customer, as it seemingly creates a barrier.

That is why a round table is often preferable in today’s design schemes. The round design creates an informal and more relaxed area in which to discuss business or projects. Research also shows that people prefer curves over straight lines in office furniture arrangements – all the more reason to choose a relaxed décor over a more formal design scheme.

What Message Do You Want to Convey?

When choosing furnishings and decorations, you need to think about your intentions. What do you want to create as a result? Do you want to impress your clients? Or would you like to emphasise your company’s reputation? Maybe you wish to inspire confidence.

In some instances, a designer is consulted to create an intimate atmosphere – one that is considered to be friendly and full of empathy and understanding. Other company owners want an environment that is relaxed and more open. Business décors can also be used to avoid conflicts or to develop positive results. Your office décor showcases your company and is one of the essential elements in client dealings and relationships.

Scrutinise your choice in décor carefully. What exactly is it you want to convey? What do you want to express to your clients and employees?



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