Many people who choose design as their career do so because it’s a very versatile field with many job opportunities. Today, good designers are needed in almost every industry in order to design marketing materials and more that grab the attention of the public and even change ideas. This is especially true for the field of public health, which is constantly aiming to change public ideas and perceptions in order to create a better, healthier society. Public health professionals work to improve general health through promoting healthy eating, stop smoking campaigns, and more. For these, professional designers are always in demand in order to create materials that will speak to the public and make them think. We’ve listed below some of the best reasons for design professionals to get involved in public health.

Great Opportunities

The public health field deals with a variety of different issues and there are always plenty of great opportunities for good designers. With a background in design, you could even think about taking a masters in public health online in order to gain more knowledge of the industry and improve your chances of landing a good job. When it comes to design opportunities in public health, communicating with the public is one of the biggest priorities, meaning that you’ll always find something interesting to work on.

Rewarding Work

As a designer, you’re probably used to marketing materials that encourage people to spend their money on things that they may not really need. However, working as a designer in the public health industry can be hugely rewarding work, mainly because you will be very influential in improving public health and encouraging members of the general public to do things such as take up going to the gym or even quit smoking. In the field of public health, you can use your skills and knowledge of design to influence the public for the better and educate people about their health and wellness. Many people like the idea of working in a role that allows them to improve the health of the general public, but don’t feel that they would fit a ‘front line’ role such as a doctor or nurse.

Progression and Working in Public Health

One of the great things about the public health industry is that there are many different job opportunities and people with various skills and qualifications are always needed. Due to the wide availability of online courses such as a public health degree online, it’s also easy for designers to move on and work in other positions in the public health industry if they so desire. Because of this, as a designer entering the public health industry you can expect to enjoy great job security and plenty of chances to progress to higher-paid positions that will give you more responsibility and seniority.

Public health can often be the perfect industry for a professional designer to go into, as there are many great opportunities for work and progression.


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