Being a ‘tactile’ artist with an historic love of design-led fabrics particularly those with a quirky vintage, retro or kitsch appeal, designer Vicki Lee aka Love Kitty Pink started to develop a fabric decoupage range of vintage phones, furniture, mirrors and most recently vintage cases and bags.

She has definite preferences of styles and design features and so it was a natural progression to move on to designing fabric that could incorporate these. There’s such simple pleasure in seeing your artwork produced in such a tangeable form. Spoonflower has enabled her the opportunity to create fabric designs for production on smaller scales (I highly recommend them as an accessible route through for developing textile design skills). She intends to incorporate her own designs into her product range of vintage decoupage products and made to order lampshades in the near future and a wider range of textile products in the longer term.

“I would have to say my textile design ‘heroes’ would be Alexander Henry Studios, I believe they are second to none with their range of skillfully designed, flamboyant retro-centric fabrics. I have also developed a dialogue with incredibly talented designers on the Spoonflower site including Glanoramay, Cynthia Frenette, Peacoquette Designs & Scrummy. I like to think that some of their design ‘sparkle’ has influenced my creations.” – says Vicki Lee

Glorious Ganesh Indian Series – “The inspiration came about from a dinner conversation with Hindu friends about a lack of contemporary-kitsch Indian fabrics. I wanted to merge a traditional imagination of the Hindu god Ganesh with bright colourways & a hint of classic sari design to create a re-imagining of kitsch with an Indian flavour. The fuchsia ganesh looks fabulous on Silk Crepe de Chine & Cotton Silk, the blue ganesh effective on whispy voile.”

Marjorie & Archie series – ” I had a little fun with this injecting the vintage theme with bright pastel colors and a quirky story of their own… Marjorie back from a covert shopping trip no doubt with Archie’s hard-inherited fortunes, hence ‘Don’t Tell Archie’. Archie on the other hand is trying to appease Marjorie with copious flowers after a spurious evening at the local pub, soda waters only of course!”

Go With the Flow Series – hand-drawn, boldly patterned fish with a nod to Day of the Dead sensibilities (i.e. sugar skull stylized)

Eccentric Concentrics Collection, Retrocentric Warm Poppy Circles – “In homage to my love of retro design with a hint of floral to soften the geometry. Also, Bloomin Bizarre from the Very Vintage Collection… A casino dancer graces more retro geometry. A hint of vintage, retro and bizarre”

+ Love Kitty Pink

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