Luca Curci Architects has designed a landmark for the United Arab Emirates skyline with an innovative project based on the concept of “Organic Cities”. The organic buildings become part of the new megalopolis, merging and mixing residential elements with business divisions, shopping life with wellness areas, cultural places with social life. The aim is to create a common place where people can live, meet, learn, work, socialize and create new mixing cultures.

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The project has been developed starting from a conceptual point, studying the symbols and meanings of each element. The project is organized in 2 groups: “organic buildings” on the earth, and “moons” on the sea. All of them are connected and linked each other with roads, parks, and running streets.  The aggregations on the ground are futuristic and have organic shapes. The moons on the sea are divided into 3 kinds: the smaller are private residences with a private approach from the sea and from the air. The middle “moons” are hotels that can be reached by the sea, the road and the air. The biggest “moons” are residences, hotels and private apartments.

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The total floor area will host more than 1,50,000 habitants, with 50% of the lot area dedicated to green and connections, open areas, common grounds, places. More than 8,00,000 square meters dedicated to hotels, spa, wellness areas, 6,300,000 square meters to shopping malls, galleries, museums, 4,500,000 square meters to offices and other social services.

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Covering a total constructed area of 6,00,000 square meters, the program will host residencies, offices and collective and commercial spaces. The tallest building will reach 470 meters while the second and third of the first group on the ground will successively descend in height. The tallest “moon” on the sea will reach 190 meters while the second 115 meters and the third 90 meters.

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The aggregations of buildings near the sea have shapes conceived to live on desert ground, because they can be realized on it. The idea starts from the nature structures that are able to live near the sea, with sun and wind and any kind of natural element. They exist to be the future and evolution of contemporary metropolis. This kind of structures will develop again the connections between humans, during everyday life, with thousand of common places that will aggregate crowds, to win the alienation of XX and XXI century cities.

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The masterplan has been created to be adaptive and to evolve. It will depend on the different places where to build it. The first 5 buildings and 5 moons are completely full of any kind of services available to be built in our contemporary cities, with a great attention to social life, human connections, common places where to meet, real social life.


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