You’re doing a grate job little men (Image © David Gilliver)

A fascination and a deep sense of curiosity towards tiny people inspired Guernsey-based photographer and artist David Gilliver to create an unique series of work that highlights an interesting contrast of proportion.

With his immense expertise in macro photography and by intelligently arranging miniature human figures with everyday objects like coke cans, toothpicks, fruits and eggs, Gilliver creates intriguing surreal scenarios which are not only convincing, but also have a humoristic touch to them. Gilliver sources the figurines through the internet, most of them which were originally created to be used for train model sets.

I enjoy finding new figures frozen in a particular pose – it almost feels like I have to then find a task for them to complete or be involved in, helping them fulfill their purpose.” explains David Gilliver. He adds, “More often than not, I place the figures inside scenarios where they have a gargantuan task to complete which sometimes invokes a sense of sympathy inside me for them”.

Once conceptualized, it takes approximately 30 minutes to create a pose and shoot. Check out some of the chucklesome images from the tiny people series.

Walking on eggshells

Walking on eggshells (Image © David Gilliver)

That's gonna be a BIG baby!

 That’s gonna be a BIG baby! (Image © David Gilliver)

Scale and Polish

Scale and Polish (Image © David Gilliver)


Ring PULL (Image © David Gilliver)

Project Omelette

Project Omelette (Image © David Gilliver)

Cocktail stick waitresses

Cocktail stick waitresses (Image © David Gilliver)

Free Refills

Free Refills (Image © David Gilliver)

Just popping to the shops

Just popping to the shops (Image © David Gilliver)

Game of Candy Crush anyone

Game of Candy Crush anyone (Image © David Gilliver)

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