I recently came across some magnificent textile print works of Cherie Porter Blackwell. I simply fell in love with the vibrant color palette & pattern design. Cherie Porter Blackwell is a textile artist and printmaker in Northern California currently working as an artist-in-residence at the KALA Printmaking Institute in Berkeley, California, where she is exploring the confluence of textile design with traditional printmaking. Her textile company, Muse10 Ecovision, specializes in exploiting the creative possibilities of re-purposed and recycled textiles for custom couture.

“As a printmaker and textile designer, I am constantly exploring the “confluence” of traditional printmaking methods and their application to fabrics.” – says Cherie

Cherie Blackwell “Suns and Planets No. 3: Jupiter’s Transmissions” (2010) 12″x12″ Image originated as a print on paper using layers of Solar Plate relief with Akua Intaglio Ink and polyester lithography plates printed with oil-based etching inks combined with chine collé. The print was photographed and then reproduced as both digitally-printed fabric and silk screened prints on fabric. Some of the fabric pieces were over-printed with Pronto Plate using Graphic Chemical etching inks. This technique provided an interesting way to build up unanticipated possibilities for textile designs.

Cherie Blackwell “Hummingbird Over Garden No. 7: Mating Season” (2010) 18″x18″ Monoprint on Dharma Trading Company Cotton Print Color #CPC from the back-side of a silk screen monoprint “plate” made from paper and adhesive shelf paper stencils; printed with ProChemical & Dye Company MX fiber reactive dyes thickened with sodium alginate.

Cherie Blackwell “Merovia Vegan No. 1″ (2010) 11″ x 17″ 4-color process photo-lithography on Dharma #CPC cotton print cloth printed on a Charles Brand printing press with etching inks. Going completely outside the box, color lithography can substitute for traditional dye processes and yields far greater control over finely-detailed designs. Photo by Cherie Blackwell

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