Camper enthusiast and entrepreneur Derek M fell in love with classic trailers while watching his father restore these campers in his own backyard.

Derek shares, “A few years ago I borrowed a fiberglass trailer and started taking the trailer out on weekends and visiting parts of California that I never knew existed. I was amazed at how comfortable, easy and efficient the trailer was, and that there were so many places where I could just pull it in, set up camp, and wake up to a beautiful sunrise.”

Happier Camper is a start-up venture renting new and restored vintage ultra-light trailers with an emphasis on camper-friendly design, utility and flexibility. After 5 years of thoughtful design, the company created an unique trailer inspired by classic design, but packed with modern functionality. Retro-modern HC1 is an ultra-light solar powered camper featuring an unique modular interior setup.retro-modern-camper-02The camper features a Adaptiv™ modular system designed to allow you to easily configure the interior of the trailer as per your needs. The system consists of six base components—a bench, kitchenette, table, cushion, floor panel, and lid that can be rearranged into different configurations to create a desired settings within a few minutes.retro-modern-camper-03 retro-modern-camper-04 retro-modern-camper-05 retro-modern-camper-06

The modular floor of the HC1 is made of 1.5″ thick strong yet light weight honeycomb fiberglass with grooves that are embedded in the floor to hold the Adaptiv™ cube components in place. The floor panels have additional embedded features like table bases, frame-mounted D-Ring tie-downs, and a front drain to easily hose down the floor for quick and convenient cleanups.


retro-modern-camper-12 retro-modern-camper-13 retro-modern-camper-11 retro-modern-camper-09 retro-modern-camper-1

The interior floor space measures 42 square feet with a headroom of over 6 feet. Also, equipped with a 100 W solar panel, the HC1 provides all the comforts including a heated shower, awning, Bose sound system, built-in USB and AC power sockets, and a tablet docking station.retro-modern-camper-14Base model priced at US $13,950, all the HC1 campers are designed and built in California with plans to expand to European and Asian markets next year.

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