Dirty Chic Interiors is created when the past meets the present and imperfections become chic. Based on a similar concept, internationally renowned interior architect Gisbert Pöppler and vintage furniture dealer Erik Hofstetter will be curating the show ‘Between Times’, an elaborate showcase of  luxurious fine furnishings, modern and antique design, art and decoration.

“Rich layers of  detail, art and memory unfurl in a lavish spread across the textured tapestry of a decaying architectural gem, creating bewitching  constellations that invite you into a theatrical dream space.”

Poppler and Hofstetter, in collaboration with design brands like AzucenaDedarFarrow & Ball will be transforming Berlin’s historical landmark Wallstrasse 85 into a ‘sumptuous collection of magnificent still-life tableau.’ The exhibition will be showcasing selected works of artists, vintage furniture and home furnishings.

Between Time will be open to the public until 22nd September 2013, which also coincides with the Berlin Art Week, running from 17th – 22nd September 2013, providing an excellent networking opportunity to art enthusiasts, art collectors, vintage lovers and designers from across the globe.







Between Time