Bus stop infrastructure ranges from a simple pole and sign, to a rudimentary shelter, to sophisticated structures. Searching for a bus stop can be quite challenging, especially when you are new in town. But, how about a bus shelter which reads “BUS”?

The creative team at mmmm consisting of Spanish artists Emilio Alarcón, Alberto Alarcón, Ciro Márquez and Eva Salmerón in collaboration with Baltimore sculptors, Kyle Miller and Tim Scofield have created a bus shelter comprising of three typographic sculptures that spell out the word “BUS”. Each letter standing 14 feet high and 7 feet wide, is built using wood and steel, materials that are typically used to build urban furniture. 


The three letters of BUS allow passengers to assume different postures of sitting or standing while waiting for the bus. Each letter has its own distinct personality. The specific modifications were designed to be geometric letters that maximize functionality; for example, the S allows passengers to lie back while they wait, and the B provides handicap-accessible shelter from the wind and rain.


The bus stop is manufactured in a way that is similar to the construction of conventionalSpell street benches. The planks of wood are screwed to a resistant steel structure that supports weight and prevents vandalism. As in a conventional bench, the use of planks allows the sculptures to achieve a curved geometric profile that enables passengers to assume comfortable positions. The letters are big enough to accommodate two to four people each and protect them from rain, sun, wind, and inclement weather.


Situated on S. East Street in Highlandtown, right next to the Creative Alliance, BUS was created with the intention of transforming a dull experience of waiting for the bus to an entertaining landmark where people could indulge into interesting conversations with strangers while waiting for the bus.


The size, shape and function of the BUS makes it a unique bus stop, a reference sculpture for Highlandtown neighborhood and the city of Baltimore.  Artists at mmmm believes that the BUS can become an iconic urban meeting point…A bus stop you will never miss.


The project was realized in association with Creative Alliance andSoutheast Community Development Corporation in conjunction with Baltimore Office of Promotion and the Arts, the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC), and SPAIN arts & culture, as part of the initiative TRANSIT – Creative Placemaking with Europe in Baltimore.


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