Do you ever feel like some clothes are so gorgeous that they should be hung on the wall like works of art? At Salon1 showroom in Bielefeld, Germany, designed by Kiss Miklos, the clothes are actually set into frames on the wall like a painting, and so is aptly named after the Salon in Paris. The founders made use of the little space they had, and established a showroom that showcases young talented designers and introduce smaller underground brands, that is also a beautiful piece of design itself. This unique design creates the feeling that these pieces are really one of a kind, and that they are classics, as the space evokes a sense of elegance and style.

The interior is painted white, and the exterior is covered with artificial black fur. This soft surface not only compels the attention of the passersby making them want to touch it, but it also gives the store a unique character. This texture is also continued into all the promotional materials, and is paired with frame imagery and simple yet very elegant, modern and original typography. The use of only black and white also highlights the beauty of the clothes without overshadowing them, and creates a brand image that is sleek and stylish, while still being unique enough to draw people into the showroom, also allowing them to focus fully on the beauty of the clothing.

Salon1 - 15

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Salon1 - Original

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