Romanian Artist Claudia Mandl is creating news in Canada & Europe through her paintings. Her oil paintings are mostly inspired by nature, everyday life and her travels. Her favourite themes include cityscapes, ocean and picturesque street scenesHer paintings have a strong influence of the post impressionist style.

The Storm – 16 inches x 12 inches – 2011
Claudia says, “For me nature is perfectionthe source of inspiration itselfas well as human nature and its creation architecturallyMy paintings are like an openbook which would help you to discover my emotions and the joy of living because I like to paint with my soulI put my colours with the spatulaThis technique does not prevent me from working even the smallest details while preserving the spontaneity of the gesture.”
A Rainy Day – 30 inches x 24 inches – 2011

 Artist Claudia Mandl with Armand Vaillancourt 

Claudia recently had the opportunity to meet the renowned Canadian Sculptor Armand Vaillancourt to whom she presented a portrait of him painted by Claudia herself. Claudia is now all set to take of to to France for her next exhibition in March. To know more about this talented artist, visit her website or contact her at

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