Did you know that in just 60 seconds, U.S. consumers dispose 90,000 plastic water bottles which is around 50 billion water bottles per year or 30 million tons of plastic waste each year in the U.S. alone. While 20% of these bottles are recycled, the rest 80% ends up in the landfills, streets and beaches.

While carrying empty water bottles can be quite a hassle, Product designer Niki Singlaub has developed a water bottle specially designed for people on to go. Hydaway is a reusable water bottle made from food-grade silicone and 100% BPA-free plastic that can fold down to just over an inch and can fit in a pocket when empty.




Niki was inspired by the idea while travelling as a freelance product developer. “Trying to stay hydrated in different countries, climates, and elevations, while spending time both in business meetings and in the mountains inspired this water bottle concept. I was looking for a durable, stable, fully-functioning water bottle that collapsed enough to fit in my back pocket. I was really surprised I couldn’t find anything like the Hydaway bottle out there.”



Hydaway has watertight seals throughout to prevent leaks and features a carry handle that fits your finger or carabiner to easily clip to a backpack.  The bottle is taste and odour free and completely dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Available in six vibrant colours, Hydaway is a handy alternative to disposable plastic water bottles – it folds down easily to fit in almost any pocket!


Hydaway’s Kickstarter campaign managed to reach their funding goal on the first day itself. The campaign has already been backed by over 1420 people, raised $63,269 and if they manage to stretch their goal to $70,000 by midnight on Earth Day, April 22nd 2015, they will donate 1 percent of their total fundraising goal to One Percent for the Planet.

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