Award-winning architectural firm DoMus Architects are back in the limelight. The Italy-based firm recently won an award in the architecture & interior design category at the German Design Award 2014 for the Kostner Estate ( Artist Hubert Kostner‘s residence and atelier) project. Situated along a ridge on the outskirts of the historic city-centre, the house divides into two blocks, while providing a splendid view over the valley and the town of Castelrotto below.

The two wooden twins, joined at the hip and stilted above a concrete base contain the living quarters, while the artist’s gallery and double-height atelier are located below. The concrete podium interacts with the plot and supports the north-facing workshop with its double-height space. Aside from its core, the structure above ground consists of an architecturally intriguing wooden construction, which combines a lightweight frame system with a KLH system. It is interesting how the V-shaped structure interprets the timber framing in a modern way and at the same time reflects local building traditions. The glazed wall behind the timber framing connects the inhabitants to the surrounding town by providing a spectacular views of these areas. The upper level, which is the residence area is constructed from larch wood with window cut-outs providing the necessary light and ventilation during the daytime. A spiral staircase connects the artist’s workspace to the residence – ‘the life of the Kostner family and the work of the artist unfold under the same roof, or roofs.’ 












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