Black Milk Clothing is an Australian fashion brand which designs and manufactures some of the most exciting, vibrant and uber cool women’s clothing including leggings, swimsuits, skirts, bodysuits, dresses etc. The story of how it all started is as interesting as their clothing range and a great inspiration for all you struggling fashion designers out there. The company was started by Australian designer James Lillis who designed his first shirt with only six bucks in his pocket. His first creation was a complete disaster and he was forced to take up odd jobs to pay up his bills. But, Lillis’ passion, dedication & urge to create something unique didn’t let him give him. He gave it a second shot and this time he created a legging with an African print on it which was bought by a lady for a couple of dollars. This was the beginning of a new story and today the company has a large team of designers who create thousands of  new & exciting designs every month.

I would like to share some of their dress designs which are made from a composition of Polyester (82%) and Lycra (18%). One of my favorites are the World Map dress above, the Der Kuss dress and of course the rainbow dress. Take a closer look at the dresses below.

Der Kuss Dress – This is a dress inpired by Gustav Klimt painting in 1908 in Vienna, the highlight of the painting being the woman’s tender expression.

The Cathedral Dress – This print is from a french cathedral. The two central figures are the angel Gabriel, and Mary. The flowers are symbolic of the birth of Christ. The city in the background is Jerusalem, and it is in shadow, prefiguring the death of the as yet unborn child.

Black Milk Dress – Simple dress with a black background and printed white fonts saying ‘Black Milk’!

Galaxy Rainbow Dress – This beautiful dress has a blend of all the rainbow colors. A dress you’d probably want to consider wearing at the next rave party!

Glass Lorikeet Dress – Imagine you’re bird-spotting in a jungle. A jungle made of stained glass. And suddenly the canopy rustles and out flies a lorikeet! And the lorikeet is made of stained glass too! And you’re struck with wonder at because how often does a glass lorikeet fly out of a glass jungle? Not often.  That wonder is exactly what everybody will feel when they see you in this dress.

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