UK based communications agency Uniform has redefined, redesigned and rebuilt a new way to access music. Their latest creation is an interactive music played called ‘Postcard Player’.  The music playing postcard prototypes are printed with electronics using conductive inks, which enable users to interact with data and information, that is, the printed electronics act as switches on the postcards which can be docked into the Postcard Player to play music.

This interactive device enables you to control the music by simply touching the paper postcard. Each card has tracks with printed buttons to pause and remix the music. The cards are produced with 540 gsm Colorplan by GF Smith, making them much harder to bend or fold and easier to locate in the slot. The porous, uncoated texture of the stock gives them a very analog handmade feel. The player is made from an assembly of frost black acrylic and powder coated steel, more resistant to taking a beating and less likely to show the hundreds of finger prints from continual use. The speaker grill slot pattern on the top face has been removed making it more intuitive where to put the card and the clamping mechanism is more efficient.

The Postcard Player was showcased at the Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2013,  which featured some of the emerging technologies involving printing fundamental electronic circuits into any surface.




+ Uniform


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